Understand the uniqueness of brand awareness to get more customer

20 October 2022

Do you ask for mineral water or Aqua when you need mineral water? When you're ordering a fried chicken on the roadside, sometimes you ask for chicken KFC, don't you? These brands have become well-known and replaced the generic term with a similar product. This phenomenon is called excellent brand awareness.

For a brand or product to be well-known is a priority! 

Recognize your uniqueness

Despite the fact that your brand is newer than your competitors, that doesn't mean you can't do a lot more to boost your brand. For this case, our client is a reputable producer of sterilised milk with various tastes. They realise that there is an older similar product that already has a big market. 

Therefore, to build a solid strategy for the existence of the products in the upcoming years, our clients would like to clearly understand their product uniqueness as brand awareness to get more customers. So, recognize your uniqueness to have a long-life product!

First, do the research!

Don't wait too long and get to know your business or product concern! Sometimes when building a product, we do not realise the uniqueness and strength of our product compared to competitors, then it's okay. But we should know that you must take it seriously when running the business.

The first step to solving the problem is getting to know the problem by researching. People will call it market research, and Clove Research & Marketing Analytics will help you to find the best solution.

In this sterilised milk case, we did the research by face-to-face interview with several criteria: male and female; 18-35 years old, consuming sterilised milk at least once a week, aware of the sterilised milk, and from a specific area. For an interview, we did purposive sampling; the respondents were recruited purposively based on the objective. Furthermore, all data is computer-aided and uploaded directly after the interview. We did it to get 100% accurate data!

Make our customers familiar with us!

This research shows us if the customers are still unfamiliar with the brand, which is the content, benefits, and also variants of the products as the product's strength. Then the result also tells us if there is less product perception in packaging. More than that, we find that there is a lack of showing the uniqueness of the product, which can be a brand image of a product which is an essential factor. 

Through this study case, we learn that producers must recognize and show the uniqueness of the product for brand image, whether it's through the tagline on the packaging or many other things. As we know, the packaging is the first thing consumers will see for the first time. At that moment, attractive and informative packaging will become more of a driving force for consumers to be able to buy it, even make repeated purchases. 

Let the customer see the uniqueness, and then the consumers will be more recognizable with the product and may be able to replace the generic term with your brand.