Understand customer experience and satisfaction for automotive client

29 November 2021


Our client, one of respectable automotive company in Indonesia, just launch a new car, and new campaign for car service. It was important for them to understand how their dealers adapted to it. Therefore, they would like to evaluate their dealer performance and customer satisfaction.


  • We ask our client’s customer (car owner) to secretly record their interaction in the dealer by using “Myper” (an application developed by Clove which allowed the respondent to record real situation). Myper is used in Mystery Shopper research.
  • Then customer were asked to fill a questionnaire to evaluate their satisfaction from the service experience.


  • From this study, our client have deeper understanding about their dealer performance by seeing real customer experience.
  • We analyze customer evaluation and generate matrix of priority of attributes, regions, and dealers that have problems to be assessed.


It was identified from this study that our client needs to fix some aspects such as attitude of their representative, increase customer awareness about the campaign, and some other problems. For the way forward, we suggest our client to do some improvement in the attitude and give clearer understanding about the objectives to the dealer representatives.

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