How to optimize two different user in digital streaming category

29 November 2021


Our client, one of a music provider music in digital streaming platform (DSP). They realize that there were two segment in the market which were: ad-funded user and paid subscriber. So far, converting ad funded user to become paid subscriber was a challenging task. Therefore, Clove were invited to see the best marketing strategy to optimize both segment.


  • We did 2 online survey (Quantitative Survey) to understand more about paid subscriber and ad funded user separately. We tried to understand their profile (such as demographic, habits and journey in listening music). Also to understand their preference toward price, payment system, and other things that relevant as promotion tools.
  • After that we did In Depth Interview (Qualitative Survey) to media experts in order to explore how to optimize DSP as advertisement platform.


  • From this studies, our client can understand the character difference between the two segment.
  • Our client also get valuable insight from media experts about decision making process in selecting media placement, and what kind of engagement in advertising that suitable with DSP characteristic.


We suggest some ways to hook the paid subscriber to use our client’s brand. Also formulate package plan to convert ad funded user to become paid subscriber. Lastly, suggest applicable strategy to utilize DSP as advertising media.

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