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How to empower traditional coffee house

29 November 2021


Our client, one of reputable management consultant. They were having a project to empower traditional coffee house (Warkop) in Indonesia. Therefore they would like to understand the problem of Warkop owner and the gap with its users.


  • In Depth Interview to several warkop owners. We dig dive the knowledge about warkop business in general, their journey on running the business, and their perception toward consumer.
  • Then we did Focus Group Discussions to warkop consumer in 4 types of places. We explored what is the role of warkop in their life, also their behavior and pain points while visiting warkop.


It was identified there were somewhat different characteristic (such as size, number of customer, price sensitivity, cash flow, etc) between each places. Therefore each places shown distinct opportunity and challenges.


We generated specific suggestion to each warkop places to run the business more effectively and optimized their potential.

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