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How to compete in growing frozen food market

29 November 2021


Our client, was one of reputable frozen food producer in Indonesia. They realized there was a potential growth in frozen food market in Indonesia. Therefore, they invited Clove to conduct a study in the effort to grow the business.


We did Home Immersion to observe their daily activities and also the activities with frozen food, from shopping, cooking, and eating.

Then we did focus group discussion (FGD). explore detail about their profile, perception, and experience in using frozen food. In addition we also check their opinion about the new product and new promotion plan.


Understand the meaning of cooking, the process behind choosing food ingredients, and perception toward frozen food in customer mind.

Identified customers segment by considering their passion in cooking and attachment to the brand.

Evaluation of current product, new product, and promotion plan.


From this research we generate recommendation on how our client products can win in the market by analyze the product strength that should be communicate, how to communicate it (the channel, message, and suitable promotion). We also clear up the main target to be approach, and recommend to set better pricing strategy since expensive quite dominant to be mentioned as barrier.  

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