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Understand how consumers choose the favorite product-by-product test

10 November 2022


Fried chicken is one of the most favorite food in Indonesia. There is no reason. It has enormous market potential. Therefore, a right and sharp product evaluation are very essential to determine how the acceptance level of the target group. By preliminary check, we can see the acceptance level of the product. Improvement before launching the effect on the exact parameter is also one way to evaluate a product. Furthermore, defining the best target group, determining the best price before launching, and deciding with go or not go to throw. 


  • Do recruitment and QC processes, determine the demographic profile, choose the location, and evaluate the product by interviewing. 
  • We surveyed it in 2 days. We have a population of 100 consumers. By taking a sample of 35 respondents, we will get a -10% margin of error with a 90% confidence level.


  • By surveying, consumers give a higher score on overall appearance, liking, aroma, and taste, even passing the norms. Besides that, for several cities, spiciness, savory flavor, crunchiness, juiciness (even though there is still room for improvement), aftertaste in mouth, and size of the chicken itself successfully steal the hearts of the consumers–by getting the higher score too. Spiciness and crunchiness are the main reasons consumers like them.
  • Our clients also understand that taste is the primary driver of fried chicken–by seeing the consumers' scores. 
  • We analyze the product evaluation attributes by city, gender, age, SES (social economy status), and occupation.
  • In this case, our clients have a deeper understanding of determining the best price for their product–by seeing the expected price consumers want.


Based on our respondents in this study case shows that our need improves their product for better product acceptance, such as crunchiness and spiciness. Not only product, but our clients also need to reformulate the right target group to induce more trials and sales, which turned out to be influential by the tastes of the product. The next step is convenience the target group with attractive activation as a marketing campaign. It can create a unique experience, encourage to do social media challenges, take advantage of social trends, and many other things.

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