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Understand consumer acceptance level and convert the competitor consumer to them

16 December 2022


We know that the candy market is enormous, and there is much potential to do by exploring various flavours in candy. Our client has been the leading player in the candy industry for more than 40 years. It is time to consider stretching the brand further or expanding the business by bringing the new coffee candy. 

To achieve massive success in new product launches, vital for them to understand the acceptance level for the new coffee candy prototype, the performance, and the purchase intention of the new prototype. Furthermore, to identify the attribute that drives consumers' acceptance and direction for further development.


  • For pre-recruited, respondents will be recruited at home and invited to a convenient place where face-to-face interviews using PAPI;
  • We asked 120 respondents to try the prototype and 90 respondents in the three cities with the blinded method to try competitors with criteria of 50% female and 50% male; 50% 18-25 years old and 50% 26-35 years old; And consume coffee candy at least once a week;
  • Each respondent tried only one product and responded to only one tested product (prototype and competitor).


  • Through this study, our clients have a deeper understanding of their product by getting a high acceptance level. They got high appreciation from potential consumers. Moreover, their new shape and size have brought excitement, especially from competitor users.
  • But there is a concern, limited benchmark on taste. It has become a barrier for consumers in several cities, and the branding of our client's products that produce coffee candy needs to be more relevant.


Our client has to make several improvements before launching the product. They have to tackle the taste barriers based on the data from three cities. The taste has to construct by three parameters, 30% sweetness, 23% coffee, and 6% milk, with two essential things to get better appreciation, reduce sweetness, and more coffee into the formula.

Our client can switch brands from competitors and users without a particular strategy. There is excellent potential in attracting attention from the appearance, and the pack would be amazing to influence in the first stage.

If our client's product is far more relevant for coffee candy, we see there is potential for colorful or various colors, which leads to multiple tastes they had, including coffee. And it can be a new thing to deliver to consumers and coffee candy users by boosting several perceptions of the new coffee candy; new taste, assorted—different flavors in one pack, and the right shape and size that will feel good in the mouth.

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