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10 February 2023


Sanitary napkins always have a huge market for women during their menstrual period that is in high demand to ensure hygiene and comfort. Women opt for sanitary napkins primarily because of their exceptional moisture-absorbing abilities, making them more reliable than homemade cotton pads that often do not meet the standard and lead to infections, causing discomfort to women. Then sanitary napkins can eliminate this issue by providing a safe and hygienic solution.

Through this market situation, our client, one of the biggest sanitary napkin producers, would like to start a dive study for Indonesian consumers in the sanitary napkin category, which is very high penetration in Indonesia. And one way to catch the goal is by understanding the volume of the Indonesian consumer segment and their behaviour to brush up on midterm strategy. Then our client needs to find the best approach to convince each cluster member what they are looking for.

To meet the goal, our client has to get the objective through market segmentation (to determine the segmentation formed in the sanitary napkin category). Also have to understand the market and value (to gather information about what the main target thinks about the market, brands by value, and proposition). Then get to know the opportunity (to search for the chance to grab the most potential segments and the strategy to approach them). 


  • For respondent’s criteria: female (12-40 years old) who has menstruation and has a decision maker to purchase sanitary napkins with specific segments (SES Upper 1 & 2, Middle 1 & 2) and also in specific four cities;
  • In addition to focusing on demographic profiles, there is also proportion by brand;
  • To get respondents chosen based on the panel, we do an online survey;
  • Respondents self-administered and filled out the survey by themselves; 
  • The survey is computer-aided. All the link is based on a computer, tablet, or mobile phone;
  • To guarantee the respondent, we do multi-step verification to ensure real respondents, advanced screenings beyond basic demographics, and an automatic panel scoring system to identify qualified respondents;
  • During data collection, especially on survey completion, we ensure a focused attention span and accurate and consistent data. For additional back-end QC, we do evidence verification.


  • Through this study, we analyze the data by the parent brand (aided awareness, most often, brand consideration, a reason to choose BUMO, willingness to pay a premium, strong brand image, weakness brand image, place of purchase, budget per month, and promotion) and user with a specific category such as high loyal, low loyal, and switcher (aided awareness, most often, brand consideration, first time brand, user - brand, reason, and place for purchase).
  • Refers to a place of purchase, minimarket win the hearts and minds of consumers.
  • We also analyze the path of using sanitary napkins by segment (healthy clubber, comfort zoner, simply curious, value seeker, insecurity remover) with specific elements that can explain information gathering, consideration, purchase, usage, concern, and future.
  • By doing brand assessment and segmentation, our clients get the information of the most potential target immediate opportunity and many alternative opportunities. That can make the brand more develop.


Our client has to make several improvements. There is extra communication for brand awareness and usage to give a better chance for a specific product to get more hype in a particular age group, besides the current tagline, such as making more highlights according to consumers’ needs. And we recommend bundling products with other variants that will create awareness of that variant and make them curious to wear it.

Moreover, competitors already have some images and taglines, and activities have been promoted. We recommend that our client launch other variants to attract new consumers. 

To see the potential target of the client’s product, we divided the consumer into three segments; the simply curious, the comfort zone, and the healthy clubber. Through these segments, our clients will know what the consumer wants from the product and their needs. Such as grabbing a specific part to give a higher penetration for one particular product and strengthening as the leader in their category.

Through this study, understanding brand assessment and segmentation will be able to grab the potential target correctly.

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