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Understand market size in “On Premise” channel for beverage client

29 November 2021


Our client, was one of the most reliable beverage producer. Their sales mostly coming from general trade. However, recently our client see the importance of consumption “On Premise” (OP) for the brand and would like to stay ahead in the competition. To have a solid planning, they would like to understand their up to date performance in OP channel (Market Sizing).


  • First, our client and us determine what are the type of outlets that can be categorized as OP outlet. 
  • Second, we did desk research to estimate the number of total OP outlet and each category in Indonesia. 
  • After we get the universe estimation, we did Retail Census in the desired location with weighted sampling. By doing that we can estimate market size, and market share of our client’s brand in each category. 


  • The result describe total outlets, sales volume, brand share, and our client performance in each On Premise segment
  • To ease the analysis, we created potential matrix between  outlet capacity and shares, so that our client can see the difference of potential that was possessed by each type of outlet.


This research reveal that there are significant number of OP outlets that were still not selling our client’s brand. Since the potential sales were high, we recommend some ways to approach these outlets depends on its character. We also have permission from the outlet to share their contact to our client, so our client can have easier access to the outlet in the future.

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