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Tracking on Brand Health in Fast Food

29 November 2021


Our client was one of most reputable fast food chain in Indonesia. To have a solid reasoning in formulating their strategy, they would like to monitor their brand health and evaluate their marketing activities every quarter.


  • Face to Face Interview to 2500 respondent every quarter (customer and non customer).
  • We asked the respondent about brand awareness, brand image, brand consideration, brand usage, trigger and barriers of purchase the product, satisfaction, and we also asked their willingness to pay premium for the brand.


  • This research elaborate many result to determine Brand Health such as Brand Awareness, Brand Usage, Brand Funnel, Brand Consideration, Brand Favorite, Brand Positioning, Brand Image, Brand Premium (Willingness to pay premium), Reason to Choose, Influencer, and Source of Information.
  • Also included, result to determine satisfaction such as Customer Satisfaction Index, Net Promoter Score, and Customer Loyalty.
  • The study also reveals evaluation to marketing activities that was done in each period of the survey.


Since this was a tracking survey, we generate recommendation depends on the change that happen compare to previous result.

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