Understand behavior for digital application

29 November 2021


Our client was developing digital news application to Indonesian smartphone user. In order to generate an appealing application, our client would like to understand people’s behavior in digital visual and news content. 


  • In Depth Interview (qualitative research) to several respondent category. 
  • We divide the category based on their frequency of using the application.


This research describe all process in the journey of the user from only “Aware”, to “Adopt” the apps. Such as motivation of using the app, their opinion toward the ap, and pain points when using the app.


From the analysis, we suggest the most suitable opportunity to strengthen our client performance which basically were: 

  • How to treat current user effectively
  • How to acquire non user
  • How to increase familiarity and understanding of the app
  • How to tackle current technical problem, and to improve the app 

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