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Understand Brand Perception in a highly competitive beverage market

29 November 2021


Our client was one reputable producer of isotonic drink. They are conscious that this market was highly competitive since there were a lot of new brand inside the category and the long-time player and keeping the stance of their brand with heavy spending. Therefore, to build a solid strategy for the upcoming year, our client would like to have clear understanding about their brand perception in customer mind.


  • We did Focus Group Discussion (FGD) to three respondents category, which were: 1) the drinker of our client’s brand, 2) drinker of main competitor brand, 3) Isotonic drinker without specific brand
  • In the FGD, we dig dive their perception toward isotonic drink as a product and their knowledge toward the brands in the category.  
  • We also ask the respondent to evaluate the current product, and test some promotion concept.


  • This research shows respondent perception toward the isotonic category such as respondent top of mind when hearing isotonic, also why and how they use it.
  • Then the result also tell how customer know about the brand and how they group the brand in their mind. 
  • It also shows how respondent evaluate our client’s product from several aspect such as brand image, packaging, taste, price, availability, etc.
  • Therefore we could grasp the challenge and formulate the suitable strategy for it,


By analyze the result, we could grasp the real challenge that should be tackled. In this case we identify that our client need to raise product awareness, have a good presence in certain channel, create more appealing packaging, strongly communicate their unique taste and the good impact of consuming the product. We also suggest some relevant event that suitable to promote the product.

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