Understand event effectiveness for telecommunication client

29 November 2021


Our client, one of respectable telecommunication provider in Indonesia, sponsored online mobile gaming event where many youth were participated. Therefore our client wanted to understand the effectiveness of this event to their brand.


We did a Face to Face Interview to:

  1. Visitor (those who only coming to the event without participating in the game), and 
  2. Participant (those who played the game). For the participant, we interviewed them 5 days after the event so we can see how they remember and impressed after the event. 


  • The research elaborate who are our visitor and participant, and the reason why they would like to come to the event. 
  • It also determine whether the event was a “Magnet Event” by understand how far they would travel for the event.
  • It also reveal the result of event evaluation such as how attractive was the event, and whether the message from the company was well received.
  • One of the most important insight was how the event drove purchase intention and affect the brand image.


Through this research, we found out that visitor and participant was enjoying the event, yet they event was not triggered them to purchase the brand since they still doubt the product quality itself. Therefore, we recommend our client to fix the quality perception through another engaging activity, from similar event, but with wider overage of demographic profile.

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