Understand how consumers choose their favorite product by product test

08 December 2022

“According to research, around 30,000 new products are launched yearly, 

and 95% fail.”

Having an amazing idea to create the best product will be great. Everyone will imagine getting a bunch of pennies and sky-rocketing success. But how do you ensure people will buy your products? Meanwhile, creating the prototype and launching the product will take a long process and require a lot of money. According to research, 95% of new products fail every year, which is the time to do product tests!

Why we should do product testing? 

The key to the product that reaches high success is feedback from consumers, innovation, teamwork, staff, communication, time, and budget. If one aspect is not fulfilled, success certainly will not be maximized. In this case, consumer feedback related to product testing will be the highlight. 

It would be a big mistake for business owners and companies to make decisions without considering the wants and needs of consumers, and product tests can be a means of getting consumer feedback. By doing product tests, business owners and companies will understand the product's potential market and determine the acceptable level of the product by the target group. It will help them to know that the consumer loves the product or leave it behind, including knowing consumers' favorite products before launching the new product. Remember, creating the product according to consumer-centric is the main reason for long-life business. Please get to know and understand what they want and need by-product tests.

Don't hesitate to do research!

If you build a new product, it will be a waste of your time, energy, and money; either the product doesn't maximize during the launch and get the big market when you didn't do a product test. By doing a product test before launching, we can see the acceptance level of the product, get the exact parameter after evaluating a product, and make improvements. You can bring a great product with the best formula through this research.

Collaborating with us, Clove Research & Marketing Analytics will help you to find the best solution for your brand. Conduct the research by conducting recruitment and QC processes, determining the demographic profile, choosing the location, evaluating the product by interview, and analyzing the data. You need these steps before launching the new product with the right target and maximizing results; product test!

Consumer feedback for better product acceptance!

Using our study case, consumers score higher on overall appearance, liking, aroma, and taste, even passing the norms. The company also understands what the consumers want with their product. Even they have a deeper understanding of determining the best price for the product. Nonetheless, some aspect needs to be improved for better product acceptance.

Product acceptance is an essential component in product development. It plays an important role in validating that all business requirements were met as defined in the planning phase and the product itself before releasing it in the market; is it ready for real-world usage/consumption or not? A good product acceptance will help to avoid unwanted results in the end.

Let the consumer give feedback by doing product tests to understand consumer wants and needs better and for better product acceptance. Bring the product to meet the intention!