Understand how to develop the product with a prototype

31 October 2022

“There is no product idea born to the world without multiple revisions. 

They come by research, testing, and feedback.”

Working on a new product is always exciting but sometimes also full of risk. To bring great successfully launch a new product, you need to pay close attention to product development by knowing what the market wants from your product. Doing a prototype is one of the best ways!

Why should you do a prototype?

Prototyping is an important activity during the development of a new product. Whether the aim is to bring innovative ideas by exploring new opportunities and variants or refine existing solutions, prototyping can be a valuable tool before launching the new one. It helps the development team to visualize the product before it goes to the masses. 

Producing prototype product development will prove the concept to test the idea and then create a model product to test functionality and desirability to the respondents with the blinded method–without revealing the brand. Furthermore, it also gives you an insight into the final product based on your target market. So, don’t take too long to make your product prototype!

Research is your best friend.

It will be wasting your time and money if you build the prototype but don’t know the right thing to do. When you are born with this prototype acceptance, you must know your market target and what you would like to think about your product acceptance–how consumers compromise with diverse attributes and prices. Then research is your best answer to this question to get an unbiased opinion.

Together with us, Clove Research & Marketing Analytics will help you to find the best solution for your brand. We will help to access the market as much as possible, ask about the product performance, collect the data, and evaluate. Analyze an idea of desirability, marketability, price, formula, or even the variants product, and then find the right recipe for your new product.

Focus on more variants and bring the image; brand of innovation

Using a study case, a company or producer needs to make better combinations to fulfill consumers’ expectations by focusing more on variants to capture other users and improve the image of innovations.

Brand innovation is an essential thing to represent your brand. It revolves around more variants, tastes, and designs. It helps to ensure that customers recognize and remember your brand and steals consumers’ attention to prefer your product over competitors—by expressing a brand differently but still relevant. 

One of the aspects is numerous variants, which will produce different strategies that are the most important and must be carried out continuously by the company—continually improving the perception and reputation of a company’s offering. Furthermore, it is definitely to increase sales by creating various new products and seeking customer satisfaction after making observations. So, get the right target group to have better engagement and sales by convincing them with attractive activation that gives a strong impact and parity across segments.

Let’s make a prototype, be innovative by producing more variants, and find the potential target market! Don’t develop products without a clear understanding of what customers want and what they are willing to pay.