Understand the effectiveness of the event for the campaign

02 February 2023

An event is one of the tools that can engage with the target audience, build support for the campaign, and raise awareness about issues being addressed. A successful campaign event requires careful planning, effective communication, and a clear understanding of target audiences. Most importantly, effective event planning and execution can significantly impact the success of the campaign, but how to know the event's effectiveness for the campaign? Let's do the research!

Why should you research to get to know the effectiveness of the event?

Delivering the event's effectiveness will provide consumers directly engaged with a specific brand or product, but indirectly it also creates an experience that is more valuable and memorable to the consumers. The event that succeeds in managing and delivering the campaign will lead the consumer to share their experience with everyone and increase the awareness and purchase of the brand or product. But how can we know the event succeeded in delivering the campaign?

Extremely important to research to determine the effectiveness of the event. It is due to provide insight into the success of the event and the impacts on the campaign objectives. And market research can help the business owner know more about the event's effectiveness with the campaign and measure the performance or efficacy of the event by conducting event profiling and event evaluation (to obtain feedback related to the event—booth, rundown, mechanism, satisfaction), and event impact (to identify whether the event is having a positive effect on the image, even to purchase intention). Let's evaluate the event and see its effectiveness of it!

Evaluate the event and measure campaign success!

To understand the event's effectiveness for a specific campaign, we should research. Through market research, especially by event evaluation, we will check the effectiveness of an event and get the event effectiveness score. Break down the visitor and participant by gender, age, occupation, and SES. Moreover, identify the magnet event (how about the behavior, the primary motivation to come to the event, the city they are coming from, even are they coming because of the event or the strategic place chosen before?), the motivation, and trigger to go to the event (are they spontaneous, observer, opportunist, or determined?).

After that, it is time for the primary goal of the research; event evaluation! We can evaluate the event by asking, "can they recall the event's name correctly?" "how much do they like and dislike the event?" "what do they like and dislike about the event?" Along the way, we will know the event's relevance with visitor and participant and their intention to come again to the event. It's essential to learn about the visitor and participants' minds!

To measure the campaign's success, we will check whether the event can well deliver the message from the event. It can be reviewed by segment and type. Determined the participant gets the campaign's message, then measure and find the highest percentage! The last is to discover the impact of the intention and image.

Determine the segmentation and be better for the next event.

The event only sometimes succeeded in the first kick, but there is always time to improve for the next. One way to solve the problem is to research and make several improvements. In this specific case, try to determine the segmentation; it can be the best way to get the highest impact from the event. We can get more participants to the event by checking the behavior, what they like and dislike, and many other things that are related and relevant to the campaign to ensure the event's effectiveness.

Besides that, giving the best deal and doing similar events with the same campaign in other cities after solving the issues will be the best thing to do! Maintain the way to deliver a message of the campaign during the event to attract the target audience to come to the event and retain a good relationship with the community or target audience. It will be the best way to do it too.