Understand the fundamentals of attractive packaging by packaging evaluation

12 January 2023

Packaging is an important aspect of product design and marketing. It can significantly impact a product's success. Packaging serves several important functions, including protecting the product, making it easy to transport and store, and communicating information about the product to consumers. Good packaging can attract and retain customers, as it conveys important information about the product's quality, value, and use. But how to know if the packaging is attractive enough for the target market? Do the research!

Why should you do research to attract customers by packaging?

Conducting research can be an important step in attracting and retaining customers. Furthermore, research has to be part of the product development process. Developing and determining the best packaging should do lots of testing and analysis. And market research can help the business owner better understand their target market's needs, preferences, and behaviors, which can inform marketing and product development efforts, including getting a deeper understanding of attractive packaging. 

Package design is the only reference the target market or consumers will have at first sight. Then they will go for the most attractive and stand-out packaging. When they are in the store, the packaging design will be the gateway for them to buy it—using the psychological side of the consumer to drive sales and brand loyalty. To catch this side—consumer psychology, doing the research is the only option everyone should do, specifically by doing packaging evaluation. Knowing what the consumer will attract can be a powerful driver of consumer purchasing behavior. Is it attractive enough?

Do a packaging evaluation and see the result!

To get the answer to the question, “Is it attractive enough?” we should do the research. Through the research, especially by packaging evaluation, we will learn more about the target market’s preferences for packaging, and packaging evaluation will be an excellent way to do so. It will evaluate and measure the different characteristics of the product’s packaging, including the packaging materials, shape, style, colors, graphics, and even position of the content writing—that also will be judged by the consumer.

By doing proper evaluation, we will determine how the consumer will react to the design and choose the right design based on the consumer's wants and needs before it launches and goes to market. Providing attractive packaging will maximize the power of marketing in the middle of the sea of competitors, saving a lot of time and money. As we know, packaging can also play a role in a product's overall brand identity and positioning for marketing purposes. Packaging that aligns with a brand's values and aesthetic can create a cohesive and consistent brand experience for customers. What a fundamental of attractive packaging! 

The uniqueness packaging is the best way to attract! 

“Books are often judged by their covers” also happens to products. Products are frequently judged by their packaging before the target market gets the experience of using the product because packaging will first engage customers visually. It is time for the power of attractive packaging to spread its influence, especially when buying decisions depend on packaging. Packaging not only does their functionality task; to protect the product, to make it easy to transport and store, to provide information about the product, but also helps to increase sales.

One way to increase sales is uniqueness in packaging. It will attract attention and make a product stand out on store shelves or online. Uniqueness has to cover all the aspects; the font, color, shape, background design, label size of the product, and even the brand logo. Doing research will make the weak spot of the packaging more visible, and there is always time to make it better before the market get it. For example, a company must do extra to attract non-users and the main target of specific ages by providing full-covered packaging as previously expected during research with elegant, premium, and refreshing images of the product—after doing the packaging evaluation.

Overall, packaging is an important product element and can significantly impact its success in the market, and bringing the uniqueness of packaging is the one way to win the market!