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Understand the uniqueness of brand awareness to get more customers

20 October 2022


Our client is a reputable producer of sterilized milk with various tastes. They realize that there is an older similar product that already has a big market. Therefore, to build a solid strategy for the existence of the products in the upcoming years, our clients would like to clearly understand their product uniqueness as brand awareness to get more customers.


  • We did a face-to-face interview with several criteria: male and female; 18-35 years old, consuming sterilized milk at least once a week, aware of the sterilized milk, and from a specific area.
  • For an interview, we did random sampling; the respondents have recruited randomly based on population distribution.
  • Furthermore, all data is computer-aided and uploaded directly after the interview.


  • The research shows customers are still unfamiliar with the brand, which is the content, benefits, and also variants of the products as the strength of the product.
  • Then the result also tells us if there is less product perception in packaging.
  • We find that there is a lack of showing the uniqueness of the product, which can be a brand image of a product which is an essential factor.
  • Besides that, the volume of the product is still less, and they have to maintain promotions to get more customers. 


By analyzing the result, we can realize the real challenge that the concern should tackle. In this case, we identify that our client needs to raise product awareness, especially with their uniqueness, powerfully communicate about packing and tastes product and what the market tastes need. We also suggest adding the volume of the products and creating other promotions. 

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