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Unleashing the Power of Ad Evaluation

23 May 2023


Ad evaluation has highlighted this process's undeniable importance in the advertising world. It has become increasingly clear that ad evaluation is not just a step in the campaign development process but an essential tool for achieving advertising success. Effective advertising is crucial in capturing consumers' attention and driving sales in today's highly competitive marketplace. 

For milk brands, harnessing the power of ad evaluation can make all the difference in creating impactful campaigns that resonate with target audiences. By evaluating and understanding the effectiveness of milk ads, brands can optimize their messaging, engage consumers, and ultimately boost brand awareness and sales.

Then, how did we ad evaluation? For more precise, our client needs to understand the awareness of ads in the marketplace and what the audience acknowledges from the product. Furthermore, our client wants to know advertisement effectiveness by checking from media that audiences mostly see the product and how many times the new campaign approaches them. And also determine the messages captured by the audiences and understand how they recall the campaign's story. Here we did!


To achieve research objectives, here are several phases for ads evaluation:

  • For face-to-face interviews, the respondent’s places will be visited and engaged in direct interviews.
  • Conducted to recruit based on quota for purposive sampling.
  • All data is collected computer-aided and then will be uploaded directly after the interview.
  • Conducted interviews with 150 respondents (male and female aged 13 - 21 years, Upper 1, 2, Middle 1) aware of the products and spend their time at the several platforms for at least 2,5 hours accumulated per day.
  • Calculate aspects around the location, such as existing public facilities, access to the place, and other objects.


Through this case study, our client's advertising received a positive response and impact on the audiences. It reflected that they have the intention to consume and purchase as well. The ad's most impact came from females aged 16-17 with their SES upper 1, the potential targets that gave them some effect watching this advertisement.

When it comes to the main message of the advertisement, it could have been smoother and on point. It is due to the audience being focused on the last scenes and less on the story — not on all the main messages delivered from the start of the ad. Therefore, continuing the ad launched, we can choose the members gathering and close with all product variants to provide the variety offered. 

Then, should we continue to air the advertising? Yes, we can still use the exact copy, although not necessarily with the same version. In addition, still using the same tagline will definitely gain the memories of this ad with a unique tagline. We are still considering using the same brand ambassador becomes an excellent decision to grab specific audiences. Moreover, the song in the ad also becomes the factor to attract audiences to watch the ad. 

For the platform that delivered the ad, we can still be exposed on more than five different channels and put the ad on social media such as Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok, and YouTube. Most of them can recall the ad's messages, and it will be significant to continue on each channel!


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