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Understand how to develop the product with a prototype

31 October 2022


We know that the market for flavor tea in tea bags holds much potential, but we must realize that exploring different flavors is a priority. Our client is a new producer of flavor tea bags. It was important to them to understand the product's acceptance and performance before launching the new product with other flavors and to get recommendations on whether to embark on this new formulation.


  • We asked 120 respondents with a blinded method–without revealing the brand–to evaluate that placed in their homes at regular moments, and each respondent evaluated 1 product;
  • Then we asked respondents about the acceptance after three days of product use.


  • From this study, our clients have a deeper understanding of their product acceptance–how consumers compromise with diverse attributes and prices–by seeing the actual respondents about the prototype to improve their product.
  • We analyze the respondent evaluation attributes by users and demographic profile.


Based on our respondents in this study case, it shows that our client needs to make better combinations to fulfill consumers' expectations by focusing more on variants to capture other users and improve the image of innovations. Consumers set a reasonably high standard for choosing product variants. Delivering prototyping presents many opportunities for improvement. Furthermore, we suggest our clients get the right target group to have better engagement and sales by convincing them with attractive activation that gives a strong impact and parity across segments.

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