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Understand the fundamentals of attractive packaging by packaging evaluation

06 January 2023


The isotonic drink industry always has a huge market. No wonder the isotonic drink industry is indeed a large and growing market. These drinks are popular among many consumers, including professional athletes, recreational sports enthusiasts, and people looking for a convenient and hydrating beverage option. The demand for isotonic drinks is driven by increasing awareness of the importance of hydration and proper nutrition for physical activity and health. As more people become interested in leading active lifestyles, the demand for isotonic drinks will likely continue to grow.

To meet the huge market demand, there is a lot to do to get consumers’ attention, even to satisfy them. One of the aspects that can attract consumers is the look of the product; the packaging, including the bottle shape. A product with good bottle shapes could attract consumers to look at the products as it is on store shelves or chiller. Then how to know the packaging is good enough to attract customers? Do a packaging evaluation and get to know the packaging acceptance from the target audience’s feedback.


  • For pre-recruited, respondents will be recruited at home and invited to a convenient place where face-to-face interviews using PAPI (Central Location Test);
  • We asked 70 total respondents with the criteria 30 users and 40 non-users, with a specific segment (gender, range of age, and SES);
  • The consumers are also aware of the brand name of the product as it is attached to the packaging;
  • Each respondent evaluated 5 packaging one by one in rotation and gave feedback on each packaging.


  • Through this study, our clients have a deeper understanding of the fundamentals of attractive packaging. According to consumers, the main factor to like product packaging is the shape, with a 30% contribution to the overall liking. It is due to the easiness to grab and slim by feedback from female users.
  • The fact is that consumers give superior feedback on the background design and the label size of the bottle—too small of the labels make it less attractive. The full size of the label design leads to a strong impression of refresh and gives temptation.
  • Besides that, the combination of colours is good for all packs. Our clients' products get relatively higher points due to the standout colour.
  • By doing packaging evaluations, our clients also get feedback about the writing. Consumers choose horizontal writing over vertical.


Our client has to make several improvements in packaging to attract more consumers. Different data have been collected based on gender. The previous study mentioned the feminine image from the packaging, while isotonic is strongly related to sport and masculinity—due to the majority of males. Then uniqueness packaging is the best option by giving more attention to bottle shapes with premium and sporty images.

Furthermore, our client must do extra to attract non-users and the main target of 20-25 years old by providing a full-covered bottle with a label as unique. The pack must also be perceived to deliver an elegant, premium, and refreshing image. Besides that, as the young generation of millennials, social media and relevant events can be the way to approach this community with attractive packaging.

Before our clients launch the product, there is more improvement to do. The first is ‘specific’ writing that might be misleading to another variant, so our clients have to make it differently. Consumers also tend to choose isotonic with horizontally written over vertically. Lastly, the writing should follow the same logo in several spots on the media.

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