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Understand event effectiveness for confectionary client

29 November 2021


Our client, one of respectable company that produce confectionary. They realize that confectionary was an “impulse driven” category. Therefore they launched a pop up store that was expected to rejuvenate the brand and generate good conversation. They appointed Clove to determine whether the event was effective for such vision, and see its potential to be conducted annually.


We did 3 methods to evaluate this event which were 

  1. Traffic counting to count how many visitor enter and buy the product, 
  2. Observation to understand visitor behavior in the store, and 
  3. face to face Interview to check overall liking towards the event and motivation to buy product.


  • Number of visitor and the breakdown (per hour, per day, per gender)
  • Knowing the visitor profile (Who are they? Do they really like candy? Are they the user of our client’s brand?
  • Determine whether the event is a “Magnet Event” (What were their motivation to visit? Which city were they coming from?)
  • Reveal whether impulsive factor was relevant motivation
  • Describing visitor behavior (How do they interact with the product? How do they shop?
  • Lastly, reveal the event evaluation.


We gave suggestion on how to continue the event effectively, which were by enhancing exposure to potential target and improve some aspects in the event.

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